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Featured Testimonial

Last summer we performed for Jason and Rebecca Whiting, winners of the CT Fox61 WTIC, CT Dream Wedding held on April 15th at The Society Room in Hartford. The wedding was broadcast live on the Fox 61 morning show and everyone had a blast! After the wedding, we contacted Jason and Rebecca again seeking a testimonial for a prospective client. Their testimonial of our DJ service was so gracious and humbling that we just had to highlight it on our website.

Here is what Jason and Rebecca had to say:

“I had worked as a DJ when I was younger, and know how important it is to have the right music and professional master of ceremonies at your wedding.When Rebecca and I started planning our wedding I suggested J&S. I had seen Joe at a number of events and his professionalism and attention to detail was amazing. He had even been the DJ at my best friend wedding, which they refer to as “the best investment” they made. On March 16th, Rebecca and I won Fox 61\’s Dream Wedding Contest and they informed us that we would be married live on TV on April 15th. We had on month to get the whole wedding together! They were to provide almost everything for us. The venue, the cake, the band… but we wanted to make sure the wedding was “our” dream wedding. So we personally reached out to Joe and hired him directly. My wife is very detailed oriented and at times found it hard to deal with the chaotic nature of live television. I suggested we sit together with Joe and one of the TV station staff members to go over the details, timing, announcements, etc. During this meeting Rebecca\’s worries faded. Joe explained how, as the MC, he would help control the flow of the wedding and make sure everyone had an amazing time. He provided a list of suggested wedding music, time-lines, and other materials to help organize our thoughts. Rebecca was so relieved! On the morning of the wedding, Joe was all setup and ready to go, and did an amazing job. He provided music for the ceremony, most of the cocktail hour, and of course the reception. Remember, we had a band too, but Joe stepped up to the plate when the band had some issues. In fact, Joe even helped the television station when they realized they didn\’t have enough microphones. =) He did an amazing job and we couldn\’t be happier. The music was great and his presence at our wedding ensured that it truly was a Dream Wedding. The best invest we made. Congratulation and good luck to you. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions. Sincerely, Jason Whiting”

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