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Wedding Packages

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CT Wedding DJ Services - J&S Entertainment Co. - Dancing Fun


Weddings are our primary focus ad the cornerstone of our business. We assist in all aspects of pre-event entertainment planning, on-site production and music selection to provide a fun and memorable event. We are an insured, modern and creative event production company with more than 25 years experience.

Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering, a large gala event, or looking for that nightlife experience, J&S Entertainment provides a personal touch and attention to detail every step of the way. No two wedding receptions are the same and not all DJs are created equal.

What do wedding DJs do? Professional wedding DJs do much more than just play music. At J&S, we skillfully plan and choreograph the entire event. On average, we spend 20-30 hours per wedding from the point of our first conversation to the moment we’re leaving the venue at the end of the best night of your life.

When the party is over, what will you and your guest remember? The flowers, the food, the decor? Of course. What will be remembered months and years after your reception? How much fun the party was! Your upcoming wedding and reception will be a cherished memory for the rest of your life. Don’t trust this important decision to just any DJ. Trust J&S Entertainment!

Take a look at what we have to offer:

We use state of the art digital sound equipment and always have backup gear in-line and ready to go at the touch of a button.

From black tie events to Hawaiian beach-themed weddings, we are always appropriately dressed for your reception.

We meet with you in advance to discuss the details of your reception and offer unlimited entertainment planning support.

We help coordinate the reception and work seamlessly with your other vendors to make your event run smoothly.

Are you hiring a videographer? We always have main-mix sound outputs available for them to capture every moment of your on-site ceremony and reception.

We have a massive music library with over 100,000 instantly accessible, tracks ranging from the big band hits of the 30’s and 40’s to today’s chart toppers spanning many genre’s. We never stream music during an event.

We will always tastefully emcee your event without being overbearing on the microphone. You are the main event, not us.

We are set up and ready to begin well before your contracted start time and will provide you with a fun and interactive experience that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime.

If you haven’t booked a DJ yet, give us a call to check availability and book an appointment.  You will be glad you did! We pride ourselves in creativity and originality.  From simple to extravagant, we custom tailor every option to create your perfect dream wedding.


CT Wedding DJ Reception Packages


Basic Reception Package

This is the perfect package for shorter and more intimate receptions.

  • Up to 4 hours of DJ service.
  • Professional Disc Jockey/Emcee.
  • Dance-floor lighting.
  • Professional DJ sound system with two powered speakers that are well suited for smaller venues with less than 100 guests
  • Wireless microphone for guest use.
  • In-line backup equipment.
  • Planning seminar to go over logistics and details.
  • Continually updated, licensed and expansive music library containing over 100,000 clean radio edited songs ranging from the big band hits of the 30’ and 40’s to today’s chart topping hits.
  • Custom playlists tailored to your needs.
  • Travel (within Connecticut), set-up and breakdown included at no additional charge.
  • DJ typically arrives 45-60 minutes prior to the contracted start time.
  • A worry free and fun night.  (We will expertly manage all of the special events on your time line)

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Choice Reception Package

This great package works nicely for most clients hosting a five-hour wedding reception with the cocktail hour in the same or nearby location as the dinner reception.  This package includes everything the Basic Reception Package has to offer plus:

  • Up to 5 hours of DJ service.
  • Enhanced Dance-floor lighting.
  • Enhanced professional DJ sound system with larger speakers a subwoofer well suited for medium sized venues with more than 100 guests.
  • Music is provided during cocktail hour, dinner and dancing.
  • Additional, remote wireless powered speaker(s) available for cocktail hour located in a separate, nearby lounge or room.
  • Unlimited entertainment planning assistance.
  • DJ typically arrives 1.5-2 hours before guest arrival depending on production setup complexity and options.

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Gold Reception Package

This gold standard package is sure to cover all the needs of most clients. An amazing club-like sound system and eye catching light show is sure to motivate your guests to the dance floor.  This package includes everything in the Choice Reception Package plus:

  • 6 or more hours of DJ service.
  • Ultimate, intelligent and programmed moving-head dance-floor lighting.
  • Ultimate, Professional DJ sound system with an incredible club-like feel, well suited for medium to large venues with over 100 guests.
  • DJ typically arrives 2-3+ hours before guest arrival depending on production setup complexity and options.

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No two J&S productions are alike. We cater to your exact needs and are always happy to customize a package that aims to meet your specific requirements and your budget. We understand that choosing a CT wedding DJ is often a difficult decision but it doesn’t have to be. Call or email us to set up a no obligation consultation and to learn how J&S Entertainment, with over 25 years of experience can provide the best wedding DJ and entertainment package to compliment your special day.

Need more time?  Extended play options are available booked in advance or even on the night of your event.  Contact us today to discuss all of your additional options available and tailor your perfect wedding reception!

Does the economy have you singing the blues? Talk to us… We’ll do our best to put together a package that meets your budget.

Download our wedding reception planning form here: Download Now

    If you can dream it, we can make it happen! Here is a short list of some of the options we have to offer.

  • On-site ceremony services.
  • Extended play time.
  • Additional speakers or location sound systems.
  • Dedicated Master of Ceremonies.
  • Destination wedding set-up assistance.
  • Additional crew available for multi-location setups.
  • Props, glow sticks, etc.
  • Uplighting
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Custom Monogram in lights
  • Flat-screen monitors for slideshow or video
  • Custom slideshow or video production


Wedding Ceremony Sound

When planning an on-site ceremony make sure your guests can hear this special event. J&S can handle all of the logistics for you and tailor a package that meets your specific needs.

Ceremony packages include a compact DJ system with your custom music selections for pre-ceremony prelude, processional and recessional and a two or (optional) four channel wireless mic combo kit (any combination of lapel or hand-held mics) with mixer. This is the perfect option for destination ceremonies requiring music and microphones so that the officiant and wedding vows are clearly heard by all guests.  Four channel kits include a hand-held mic on a stand for ceremony readings and an even an extra mic for a live musician.  We can even provide a line-in for musician instruments.  We offer an optional, battery powered AC inverter or ultra-quiet generator to provide electricity for remote ceremony locations where a traditional power source isn’t readily available.

Just like our wedding reception packages, we can create a custom ceremony package to meet almost any requirement including live instrumentalists. Here are the two most common packages:


Small Ceremony Package

The Ceremony package includes a compact DJ system, powered speaker and two wireless lavaliere (clip on, lapel) mics.  One is for the officiant and one to be worn by the groom.  The groom’s mic will pick up the bride’s vows as well. Your music selections to are pre-loaded for the prelude, processional and recessional.  In advance, we will work with your officiant and on-site staff to ensure a seamless and cherished ceremony. Rates start at $250.00.

Ceremony Package Plus

The Ceremony Plus package includes two powered speakers, a compact DJ system with your custom music selections to be played for prelude, processional and recessional and a four channel wireless mic combo kit.  This is the perfect package to provide a microphone for the officiant and groom plus have a hand-held mic on a stand for a ceremony reading and even an extra mic and instrument feed for a live musician. Rates start at $350.00.

Destination Wedding Ceremony?

Getting married on the beach or off the beaten path where there is no access to electricity? We have ultra-portable, quiet generators or inverted battery power systems available for a small additional fee. Inquire to discuss your specific needs and setup requirements.

Lighting Options

Be sure to ask about our uplighting packages!


Uplighting can add a dramatic effect to your reception. The color choices are endless and we offer packages of 5 to 30 light fixtures to completely transform your reception venue. The color can be fixed or gradually change throughout the course of the evening. Our lighting fixtures are self contained and can be placed virtually anywhere!

We create custom lighting packages to meet your needs and budget.  The basic package includes 4-6 lights to accent specific architectural features of a room.  Or, we can do a feature wall to add a color wash to the wall behind a head table.  Common packages include ten to twenty fixtures to dramatically transform the look of a room.  Our fixtures are battery powered, wireless controlled and feature ultra bright LED’s capable of producing any color that can be placed almost anywhere.

If the budget allows, 10-15 lights are recommended but if you really want to add some drama to the room as seen in the pictures and video, you’ll want at least 25 lights or more.

Package pricing varies depending on the number of fixtures and static color vs. a programmable color changing light show. Our most common package starts at $500 to nicely light an average sized banquet room with static color.

Projected Monogram (Gobo)

ct, wedding, DJ, uplighting, up lighting, gobo, projection, monogram, Connecticut

We will design and produce a custom gobo to be projected on wall, ceiling or dance floor using a high-power, 120 watt LED gobo projector.  Artwork will be presented to and approved by you prior to production.  Alternately, we can design and produce an animated monogram sequence projected through a powerful DLP projector. Pricing starts at $250.

Starry Night

starry night, wedding dj, CT, disc jockey, star projection, Connecticut, J&S Entertainment

This unique option creates a beautiful “universe of stars”, projected on a banquet room or tent ceiling that will wow you!  This patented holographic technology uses 50 mw laser modules, which allows it to produce an effect that covers a large area. Watch thousands of moving pinpoints of light dance in a pattern on a soft blue nebula cloud.  Starry Night includes three laser projectors and is a great addition to an up-lighting package. $250.

Haven’t been to a wedding in a while? Here’s a typical wedding format and timeline:


Ceremony & Pre-ceremony
If your ceremony is in the same location as the reception, we can play your prelude, ceremonial and recessional music and provide the microphones required for your service.

Cocktail Hour
Before your guests even arrive, we are playing either your custom music list or a collection of light vocals and jazz. Because your guests are spending this time conversing with friends and relatives, we will keep the music low-key and the volume unobtrusive.

Bride and Groom Arrive
Typically, the photographer will take the bridal party for pictures after the ceremony.  Once the photographer has completed this photo session, it is time for the bridal party to enter the reception to formal introductions

Bridal Party Introductions
As cocktail hour comes to a close, we will work with any on-site staff, line up your wedding party and make all of your introductions.  Very often, the wedding party will be led to the edges of the dance floor, the bride and groom to the center to share their first dance as husband and wife.

First Dance
The bride and groom select this song prior to their wedding date. This song should be well thought out, and define something special about the two of you. This dance can take place either after dinner, or immediately after the bride and groom were introduced.

Blessing (optional)
Once your bridal party is seated at the head table, your master of ceremonies will greet your guests and invite the person you have chosen to deliver the blessing.

The toasts are typically delivered by the best man and/or maid or maitron of honor who will be invited to stand next to the bride and groom at their head table where a live mic has already been placed. Often there are additional toasts or welcome speeches delivered by family or friends which can be choreographed to take place before, during or after dinner.

During dinner, we will play light background music that never overpowers the dinner conversation. Similar to cocktail hour we will play light and appropriate music for your guests and your style. You are welcome to customize this list or cue us in on some of your favorite musicians that might be better suited for dinner than dancing. During dinner, we can handle any additional speeches or toasts that you may have planned.

Cake Cutting
The cake cutting usually happens as dinner is coming to an end or a short while after dancing begins so that the venue can plate and serve the desert.  You can choose a song that best suits your style and taste.  We will always coordinate with your photographer and videographer so they are prepared to capture this special moment.

Parent Dances
After the bride and groom have danced their first dance as husband and wife, they may want to dance with their parents.  If these dances are to take place, the bride will first dance with her father, and then the groom will follow by escorting his mother to the dance floor for their special dance together. The parent dances are usually choreographed to lead into the first slow dancing set of the evening shortly after the general dancing has begun.

Party Time!
After dinner we will invite everyone to join in on the dance floor. We will always play to the crowd while expertly mixing in your specific must-have requests to get everyone involved in the fun.  There is no set recipe for wedding music.  There are always traditional songs that everyone loves, but what separates a great DJ from mediocrity is his ability to read the crowd and get them moving!  Most couples provide us with a short list of their must-play’s and must not’s. We recommend a short list, containing several of your personal favorite fast and slow dance songs.

While we don’t encourage requests from guests over the microphone, we occasionally have guests approach and ask us for a special song. We are always courteous and inform the guest that we’ll do our best to fit it into the program and will only play it if it’s appropriate to your event, style and vibe on the dance floor. Of course requests from the bride and groom will always be honored as soon as possible.

Not all traditional activities are listed here and certainly you are not required to make your wedding “traditional.”  It’s your special day and you’re have as much control of the planning as you like.  We’re here to help you along the way to ensure that your special day is perfect and stress free!

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