Party Add-On's


Party Enhancers and Add-on’s

Uplighting can add a dramatic effect to your reception. The color choices are endless and we offer packages of 5 to 30 light fixtures to completely transform your reception venue. The color can be fixed or gradually change throughout the course of the evening. Our lighting fixtures are self contained and can be placed virtually anywhere!
We create custom lighting packages to meet your needs and budget. The basic package includes 4-6 lights to accent specific architectural features of a room. Or, we can do a feature wall to add a color wash to the wall behind a head table. Common packages include ten to twenty fixtures to dramatically transform the look of a room. Our fixtures are battery powered, wireless controlled and feature ultra bright LED’s capable of producing any color that can be placed almost anywhere.
If the budget allows, 10-15 lights are recommended but if you really want to add some drama to the room as seen in the pictures and video, you’ll want at least 25 lights or more.
Package pricing varies depending on the number of fixtures and static color vs. a programmable color changing light show. Our most common package starts at $500 to nicely light an average sized banquet room with static color.

Starry Night

Party Enhancers and Add-on’s

Includes three laser projectors that create a dazzling starfield and nebula effect on the venue ceiling giving you the impression of being outside under the stars. The following image is the starry night projection in combination with uplights. All house lights in the room are switched off. Starry night has the most desirable effect when paired with uplighting. Add-on cost: $250.

Static Monogram (Gobo) Projection

Party Enhancers and Add-on’s

We can create a custom static monogram (gobo) with your initials or names and your wedding date. Gobos can be projected on a wall, dance floor or ceiling through a special gobo projector. Artwork proof will be provided in advance for approval. At the end of the evening, your custom gobo is your to keep as a memento of your special day. We can also create an animated monogram that we can project using a specialized DLP projector for an even more dynamic impact. Add-on Cost: $250.

Animated Monogram (Gobo) Projection

We start with an animation design choice and we build your custom animation in Adobe AfterEffects which we later project through a LCD projector on a wall or floor. It adds a really personal touch in highlighting the newlywed couple. Be sure to watch the video for live examples. Add-on Cost: $350.

Photo Booth

Party Enhancers and Add-on’s

Photo Booth services include our revolutionary MirrorMe magic mirror for three hours. The timing can be figured out as the planning progresses and would also depend on desired setup location. Typically, in this scenario, the booth would be placed in the same location as the reception and be open during dinner and the first half of dancing but we can shift that based on how we orchestrate the evening and where the booth is placed. The booth will be manned, guests will receive their snaps and you will receive digital copies of each visitor. Add-on cost: $900

Flat Screen Monitors

Party Enhancers and Add-on’s

We can provide flat screen monitors on plain or skirted stands to display your love story video, photo slide show, custom wedding monograms (gobo) or any combination. Video editing services are also available. You provide the photos and/or video clips, pick the song you’d like and we’ll create a custom edit to be played on your wedding day. We can even to custom script narration. Pricing starts at $250.

Dancing on a cloud

CT wedding DJ dancing on the clouds

The Nibus is an event-ready, professional dry ice machine that produces a thick, white fog that hugs the floor and dissipates without rising creating a dramatic effect for your first dance. When filled with it's maximum capacity of 10lbs of dry ice, it will provide about six minutes of continuous operation. Additional cost: $500.

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