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CT Wedding DJ – New Website

CT Wedding DJ – New Website

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We recently launched our new website and hope you enjoy the new look and mobile functionality. In order to serve our CT wedding DJ customers better, we needed to build a “responsive” website that displays equally well on smartphones and tablets as it does on a desktop computer. We’ve also taken a giant leap and done what many other DJs don’t do and that is publish our wedding package pricing proudly on our website. We know our prices are competitive. You’ll always find someone who will DJ an event for less. The big question is… Do they have a complete backup system on-site? Are they insured? What is the quality of their equipment? How experienced are they? From start to finish, with planning, client communication, equipment and music preparation, travel, etc., a typical 5 hour wedding reception takes about 15 hours to produce. Factor in overhead costs such as insurance, equipment costs and music licensing and you have to wonder what those lesser expensive DJ feel their time is worth. Moreover, how much effort will go into your event for that cost? We give every client our all and have the reputation to prove it. Call us today! 203-318-4004

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