Tips on Connecticut Wedding Music

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May 12, 2011
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May 14, 2011
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Tips on Connecticut Wedding Music

Connecticut wedding DJs on wedding music and dancing…
Your Connecticut wedding will be one of the most important aspects of our life; it needs to be a memorable event. It needs to be fun and jovial. Here are few tips that can help you.

Make the music a cocktail:

Every age group has different tastes and what appeals to the people of your age group may not be the same for the people of another age group. So be sure that your music has the flavor of all music right from rock to soft music, on which people could groove after they are tired.

Consider the choices of your guests:

On a card ask your guests which would be the song that they would like to groove on. This technique will add an excitement in to the guest and you can easily drive them up to the stage. Playing the music on the choice of your audience will ensure a jovial environment in the wedding.

Do not forget the older generation

The old age groups are among the first people to leave the parties so do not forget them and cater to their needs. What you can do is to play a few 40’s and the 50’s songs and then the rest of the songs you can keep it reserved for the younger crowd. Ensure that songs need to be high beat in the initial stage then go in for the light track songs. Avoid playing very soft music songs as they do not drive the people to dance.

Get the dancing started earlier

Initially the floor use to rock only after the cake has been cut but these days Connecticut DJs are enticing people start the dancing as early as possible. The modern CT DJ trend is that the entire function has dance and there is a break only for eating. So in your function ask your Connecticut wedding DJ to start the dance as early as possible so that there are positive vibes in the party throughout. I have seen instances were even before the bride and groom are announced the dancing starts. I would suggest you to go for the announcement of the bride and groom first and then just rock the floor.