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April 11, 2011
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April 21, 2011
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Fox 61 Dream Wedding

We had a fantastic time providing our DJ service for Jason and Rebecca’s wedding at The Society Room in Hartford CT this past Friday morning. Having spent years working for a large corporate event production company, handling events all over the country, this was our first event that was broadcast live on TV. This was definitely an interesting morning. Our soundboard was patched into the Fox 61 soundboard with Logan Byrnes and Sarah French’s microphones before being sent out to the satellite truck in the parking lot. Once the wedding began, we were live on the air. It was quite an experience. Throughout the morning, we toggled back and forth with a live band that played for the cocktail reception and brunch while we were the master of ceremony for all of the introductions and announcements before we moved on the the dancing and the fun stuff! The bride and groom and all of the guests had a great time. We even ran into some former clients! Over the coming days, we’ll be adding some of the photos to our gallery. Head on over and check them out!